• Micro Fish Scale Socks

    kr 185,00
  • Sea Sparkle Socks

    kr 185,00
  • Seaweed Knee-Highs

    kr 205,00
  • Multi Fish Scale Tights

    kr 340,00
  • Nude 8 Tights

    kr 185,00
  • Stargaze Knee-Highs

    kr 185,00
  • Individual 10 Back Seam Tights

    kr 208,00 - kr 320,00
  • Individual 10 Stocking

    kr 245,00
  • Velvet 66 Capri

    kr 117,00 - kr 260,00
  • Twenties Tights

    kr 180,00 - kr 300,00
  • Individual 10 Tights

    kr 182,00 - kr 280,00
  • Individual 20 Strong Support Knee-Highs

    kr 205,00

Shop High-Quality Hosiery Online


In this section you will find perhaps it is the best hosiery in the world - just ask our enthusiastic customers. Fascinating designs, unbelievable comfort and the highest quality make the luxury obvious.


Women's legs in gorgeous, seductive stockings are always irresistible. Wolford offers matching stockings for ladies in fascinating colors and styles, with high-quality materials and outstanding quality. The perfect fit and exceptionally high comfort are two criteria that make the Wolford collection so irresistible. Our selection ranges from classic tights to net variations, stay-ups, knee-highs, overknees and socks. Timeless beautiful designs, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship make Wolford socks an indispensable every day companion. Fitted to the seasons, ultra-transparent, transparent and fishnet stockings are particularly suitable for warmer months; Wolford offers semi-transparent, opaque, as well as natural fibers (silk, merino, cotton) for a comfortably warm feeling even at cooler temperatures.


Stockings Are Back On The Catwalk


A few years ago, naked legs were the center of attention at fashion shows held by the most recognized designers, no matter how impractical it is to go out in the cold without protection. But fashion is rapidly changing: in their summer and winter 2017 collection designers have once again embraced hosiery. And it's about time, whether as an accessory for the catwalk or a finishing-touch to your favorite outfit hosiery is once again a fashionable choice.


Wolford Specializes In High-Quality & Innovative Stockings - With Shaping Function


Shaping stockings life and support your legs or belly invisbly, and feel incredibly comfortable. If you work long hours or spend a lot of time standing then tights, stay-ups or knee-jumps with support function are just right for you.