• Cotton Contour Panty

    kr 580,00
  • Mat de Luxe Forming String Body

    kr 1.510,00
  • Sheer Touch Forming Body

    kr 1.210,00
  • Sheer Touch Bra

    kr 680,00
  • 3W Skin Bra

    kr 1.260,00
  • Cotton Contour Forming Top

    kr 1.020,00 kr 612,00
  • Buenos Aires String Body Long Sleeve

    kr 1.020,00 - kr 1.700,00
  • Sheer Touch Control Shorts

    kr 780,00
  • Stretch Lace Forming Body

    kr 720,00 - kr 1.080,00
  • Sheer Touch Soft Cup Bra

    kr 870,00
  • Sheer Touch Bra

    kr 780,00
  • Cotton Contour Forming Body

    kr 1.260,00

Luxurious And Exclusive Lingerie!

Wolford lingerie essentials are characterized by their high-quality and innovative materials in timeless designs. Our selection ranges from classic bras and briefs to Wolford-style bodysuits and tops. All of our luxury underwear fits like a second skin making it perfect to wear comfortably beneath any outfit.

Incredible Comfort And Luxury All Day

The "24-Hour" design of our Cotton Contour line made can be worn around thanks to their classic appearance and incredible comfort. Made from the finest cotton, these styles feel fantastic to wear all day. Wear them anywhere, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a stylish and shapely yoga outfit, or the perfect undergarments for a night out on the town Cotton Contour is a fantastic choice. The classic-puristic Sheer Touch series is another great choice if you’re in search of luxury undergarments suited to being worn all day. These elegant and shimmering Essentials gently adhere to the skin and guarantee maximum comfort.